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2015 Ki Lecture #3 Plus or Minus Ki


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  1. SteveSelf Mar 2nd 2016

    Intention. Being in-tension. Wherever there is tension, the natural ki of the universe cannot flow freely.

    Thank you for this. As I have listened to this recording many times, I find my bodymind letting go in places I did not know I had tension, positionality, held view, feeling tones not moving, bodily bracing, etc. I can feel a freshness and loose openness as these areas release and open. In the body, in the heart and in the mind.

    I particularly laughed when I remembered dashing through the forest at the 6-Day ropes course, back in the 1980s, managing the 20 staff and 100 participants, and feeling the desperate intention that no one get hurt. And boy oh boy, there was a lot of in-tension. Like it mattered that I never let up on the inner clench that was “keeping the intention”. Yipes!

    Now I can see a bit better, my misunderstanding. Perception is not sharpened by clenching down with severe intention. For sure it might seem to get concentrated, but the wider and subtler view is lost. Plus the view of the changes in tones and ki flow cannot be seen from within a clench. I could not see the lack if attention in others as I was so busy “holding the intention” myself. Whew. I feel grateful that no one was hurt in the midst of all that tension.

    I am now feeling my way into how it is when there is no intention, and yet I do have a direction, I do have relative goals, and I have promises to keep. This feels quite exciting and vital. Resonates with your recounting of Suzuki Sensei’s, “Do nothing!” Not stop all action, but do nothing… No tension, do manipulation, no control… yet stay right in there following the ever changing opening…

    Thank you. Deep bow.


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