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Chief Instructor of Hawaii Ki Federation
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2015 Ki Lecture #4 – Accessing Infinity (Emptiness)


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  1. Hellogoodbye Mar 4th 2016

    Hi, I have a question! Thanks for the lecture by the way, I really enjoyed it! I’ve probably read or listened to them all over the years. Wonderful!

    I’ve been practicing the meditations for many years and yet I’ve still managed to fuck everything up in my life. At this point I’m considering asking my doctor to prescribe me anti-depressants to give myself a “brain holiday” for a while while I get myself together. What are your views if any on western medicine and meditation practice, can they be complimentary? Many thanks and best wishes!

  2. ‘Hellogoodbye’, there’s this Finnish proverb, “when you flee from a wolf, you run into a bear”. I’m not offering advice, it’s just something your comment evoked, a slice of wisdom I’m personally finding increasingly wholesome.

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