Christopher Curtis Sensei

Chief Instructor of Hawaii Ki Federation
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2016 Shugyo Tassei Kigen Shiki Seminar


In February 2016 the Oahu dojo’s hosted Curtis Sensei at the Lokahi Dojo.

Right Click to download podcast: 2016 STKS Seminar audio

Click to download transcript: 2016 STKS Seminar Transcript

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  1. Chris Curtis Apr 18th 2016

    Hello Barrie,

    Thank you for your kind words and your question.

    If you have listened to so many of my talks, you have heard me emphasize over and over what a major task we are setting for ourselves here, changing from our habitual use of mind. If, in addition to this, we also have any kind of imbalance caused by any kind of skewed brain chemistry, then that can and should be addressed by a competent physician. If this medication is addressing a specific brain chemistry imbalance, then it should not interfere with your meditation practice, but should support it.

    The main thing is to get yourself healthy. My very best to you.

    Chris Curtis

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